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• Prices are subject to change at the discretion of FARfoto8

• ESTIMATES: are based on the information & square footage provided. If the information provided is inaccurate (i.e. square footage is less than actual), FARfoto8 will limit the photos and video based on our discretion according to the package purchased. If we are required to return to the property to take additional photos and/or video, additional charges will apply.

• LIVING AREA: including finished basement, indoor pool, indoor spa, sunroom, covered patio/deck extensions and all other indoor living areas.

• INTERRUPTION FEE: If session is delayed due to unprepared space/staging purposes, or if it is scheduled at the same time as an agent’s booked viewing and/or open house, we reserve the right to charge an Interruption Fee of $50-$100.

• RUSH REQUESTS: Only apply to Photography, but cannot be accommodated for Video.

• TRAVEL FEES: may be applicable for sessions conducted outside of our regular service area. Click here for details.

• CANCELLATION FEE: If a scheduled photo/video/3D session is cancelled within 48 hours, a $50 cancellation fee may apply.

• Sunday appointments are available for an additional fee of $49.

• All prices are exclusive of HST


E: FARfoto8@gmail.com